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Becoming the master of your destiny.

The path to success is paved with many challenges, but when we apply consistency to our pursuit for greatness on a daily basis, we will be able to conquer any obstacle and turn it into a life lesson.

Day 24: Consistency

Your challenge today is to choose a habit to practice for 30…

Are you who you say you are?

To be authentic is to know who you are and use that knowledge for guidance when you make big and small life choices. Authenticity shows best in our words and actions.

Day 23: Authenticity

Your challenge today is to take time to recognise if there’s a skill or habit you want to develop…

How about a game?

When life gets busy and responsibilities replace leisure time, it can be difficult to justify simply doing nothing. That’s precisely when we really need to take a moment to rest and then do something fun to reboot our inner sense of wonder!

Day 22: Childhood

Your challenge today is to do an activity…

It’s called L-O-V-E

At the heart of every great story love can be found. Whether it’s a song, a film or a book, love shines through words, actions and the little things. Love is also at the core of personal growth — it’s love for the process!

Day 21: Love

Your challenge today is to tell…

Everything starts with you

The holidays, just like life, can be an extremely happy period of time, but one that is overwhelmingly busy. It’s important to take care of yourself to be able to truly enjoy it — that is both the holidays & life!

Day 20: Self-care

Your challenge today is to treat yourself with an…

Surprise, surprise!

Giving attention to the people we love is the biggest gift. That’s why we love the holidays so much! We take a break from work and pause, which gives us the time to focus on relationships and create some amazing memories to cherish for years to come.

Day 19: Surprise

Your challenge today…

Ready to introduce yourself?

Every day we meet new people, but how often do you approach them with the intentional thought of introducing yourself? Here’s the thing: you never know who’s going to play an important part in your life, until they become your friend, colleague, neighbour, teacher, mentor, and you name it.

Day 17: Network


Stella Yann

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