Stella Yann: Lightworker + Earth Angel

Let me reintroduce myself 🦋

STELLA YANN | Lightworker


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Hi! My name is Stella Yann and I’m a writer, Lightworker and an Earth Angel reporting for duty!

My story began 30 years ago in a small city near the Black Sea called Bourgas. I was raised by a fairly normal family in a fairly normal neighbourhood but here’s the thing — there was nothing normal about me.

In a world that encourages everyone to be normal, I had already tattooed EXTRAORDINARY on MY SOUL.

🌍 Earth’s a School

You see, Earth is really a school where you volunteer to come to learn, change, grow and expand, so that you can eventually reconnect with your Higher Self and remember your Soul purpose.

Why? Well, there are two main reasons.

First of all, we’re all here to experience JOY and ABUNDANCE by channelling our potential and manifesting the life of our dreams, which we can only do if we’re connected to our Higher Self.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly, we are here to change life on Earth for the better.

Everything’s energy and when you learn how to master your energy, you learn how to take back the control over your life.



STELLA YANN | Lightworker

30-DAY SELF-GROWTH JOURNALS ( Topics I cover: Authenticity, Happiness, Self-Love, Spiritual Awakening, Positive Thinking, New Earth ✨