What Does Going Through a Spiritual Awakening Mean?

Simply put, you discover how to create your own music!


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A spiritual awakening reminds you that you are the composer of your life.

Imagine your life as a giant piano.

Every next step is another key pressed on the piano and the more you move in alignment with your unique individuality, the more you release your potential through the sound of your life.

If you’re not in alignment with your true, authentic self, your song will sound strange, foreign, unwelcoming.

If you’re rushing, you’re gonna skip some fundamental notes that will take away — sometimes temporarily and other times permanently — the joy and the masterpiece quality of your life.

If you constanty go back and forth between the past and the future, you will get stuck in a monotonous repetition of playing the same notes all over again, until you’re fed up with your own music (life).

If you listen to what others are playing as the template for your own symphony, you will eventually create a cacophony for yourself and for those around you wherever you go.

If you stop and refuse to play, your life progression will come to a halt. Suddenly, you’d be comfortable with the Do-Re-Mi repetition — wake up, work, sleep — and years would go by before you wake up once more to all the potential that resides in you, potential that you’re meant to use to create and release new songs into the world.

And if you keep playing, experimenting with the sounds, and co-creating with others as you improve your ability to improvise, you’ll see for yourself the magic of being alive. To trust yourself is to trust the process!

The purpose of a spiritual awakening is to remind you of a simple but powerful truth — life is all about the current key you’re meant to play and the next step will naturally reveal itself afterwards.

Your life melody is effortlessly played out when you live in the present moment and you get to enjoy it wholeheartedly as you’re creating it!

When you do it right — life, that is — you get to enjoy the life melodies of those around you, too, without feeling envy, jealousy or the…



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