BORN TO DO IT: Molecular Storyteller

Chemistry can actually be A LOT OF FUN!

STELLA YANN | Lightworker


What does the natal birth chart of a Molecular Storyteller look like?

We’ll take a look into the “Earth instructions” of Chemistry Educator Dr. Colleen Kelley who’s on a mission to make chemistry A LOT more fun to learn: one lesson at a time!

  • What’s chemistry? How much of everyday life is chemistry?
  • Why is chemistry so scary?
  • What is molecular storytelling?
  • How can we make education more fun?

Here’s Colleen’s message to everyone who’s ready to be a Creative Scientist:

“Allow the playfulness in! It doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Find a place to play in your imagination, so that you can enjoy the journey!”

Colleen is the Founder of Kids’ Chemical Solutions and she’s working to build molecular literacy through comic books, audio books, activities, puzzles, and games for all ages!

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🎬 Watch the 2023 Emmy Award winning PBS documentary that highlights Colleen’s vision for Kids’ Chemical Solutions:

Power of Pink

Why did I pick PINK for the episode’s theme?

Pink is often associated with the Inner Child — the part of you that’s excited about learning and discovering the world.

Everything can be turned into a game, including learning.

When we adopt a beginner’s mindset, every day becomes a day of discovery.



STELLA YANN | Lightworker

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