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Find your purpose with Guided Teacher Jackie Scully

STELLA YANN | Lightworker
2 min readSep 28, 2023
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What does the natal birth chart of a Guided Teacher look like?

We’ll take a look into the “Earth instructions” of the Experienced Educator Jackie Scully who’s on a mission to bring a positive shift to the education system through more conscious teaching: one lesson at a time!

In the words of Jackie, being a Guided Teacher is all about empowering the leaders of the future to feel empowered to give back from a more “guided” place within:

“If we’re going to develop flourishing humans, we have to talk about consciousness and we have to talk about tapping into our inner self, our higher consciousness in order to really flourish and then have every child as they become a teen and then a young adult feel empowered to give back.”

Here’s a link to Jackie’s podcast: The Teacher Story. This is a podcast about the teacher journey that brings ideas for education reform!

Jackie’s debut book will be published in October — “The Guided Teacher: Unveiling Truth to Light the Path Ahead” (available on Amazon soon)

Power of Pink

Why did I choose pink for the episode’s theme? 💖

Pink is symbolic of the inner child that’s within all of us!

The more we learn to connect with the our inner child, the more we can explore the world safely and truly connect with one another.

Schools are precisely where the “inner child” of every student should feel safe to learn, grow and create: what a world that would be!

Find your purpose

BORN TO DO IT is a series of stories from humans around the world who are trying to make Earth a better place one day a time.

We’ll unlock their natal birth chart instructions together and figure out if they’re on the right track — if they are moving in alignment with their soul purpose.

Everyone’s got a soul purpose. It’s how you are meant to create positive change in society by being you most authentic self!

To discover your soul purpose, look no further than your own name. But also your natal birth chart, astrology and numerology can help.

“One is not born into their purpose, one steps into their purpose.”

Want to learn more? Find your own purpose

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