5 Things That You Experience After Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

All the potential inside of you is ready to come out!

STELLA YANN | Lightworker
10 min readMay 11, 2023
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Going through a spiritual awakening is like birthing a new version of yourself — the most authentic version.

A spiritual awakening happens, so that we can finally make the transition from living in survival mode to entering a reality that is abundant, joyful and peaceful, because it allows us to be truly ourselves.

But what actually happens after your spiritual awakening…

Well, simply put you will never see life with the same perspective as before.

A spiritual awakening opens your eyes to the truth that there’s a lot of darkness in the world, but once you find the light within — your heart opens up to give and receive love in the most transformative way ❤️‍🔥

A spiritual awakening also opens your eyes to the aspects of living that truly matter: the shared memories, the nature that’s all around us, the ideas and inspiration that we carry wherever we go, the joy and love with which we have the power to change life permanently when we allow them to help us connect with one another.

And, of course, there’s A LOT more!

1. You unlock hidden knowledge and talents

Going through a spiritual awakening is like hitting the jackpot or winning the lottery. It gives you a sense of reward for simply being — for simply existing!

It’s an inner feeling but it becomes visible to others who can almost see a “glow” to you that suggests some great fortune.

People might ask you, “What’s your secret?”

To which you’d reply, “I’m alive. That’s the secret — the ultimate gift!”

As long as we’re alive, we can try again, we can do better, we can be more in alignment with our most authentic self, we can help, we can build, we can grow, we can explore, we can collaborate, we can elevate, we can laugh, we can enjoy the little things, we can achieve the big dreams!

A spiritual awakening often leads to increased levels of empathy, creativity, gratitude, love and joy, which in turn make your reality a significantly more magical experience than before.

Information comes to you and flows through you, ideas sprout and blossom in seconds, conclusions reach a turning point with every new discovery, the thirst for knowledge leads you so much further outside of your comfort zone that you forget you ever had one in the first place!

But knowledge isn’t all that is being revealed to you…

There’s a whole range of spiritual enhancements that you are likely to experience to some degree, including:

  • vivid (somewhat prophetic) dreams
  • supernatural intuition that allows you to pick up on who’s got good intentions for you and who’s not really rooting for your success
  • a stronger ‘gut feeling’ that guides you in the right direction, even if that means guiding you into an entirely new direction
  • a deeper connection to nature and all living creatures
  • energy healing abilities such as reiki (redirecting the flow of blocked energy in the body) and alchemy (transforming negative energy into positive energy)
  • receiving messages directly from Source (also known as “spiritual downloads”)
  • unlocked memories from your early childhood, repressed traumatic events or even alternative timelines

Much like the ebb and flow of life, you will experience any spiritual enhancement and psychic abilities when you need them and only to support you in achieving your soul’s purpose — using your gifts to help others and to advance humanity.

⚠️ Side note: To those who awaken to their power(s) and receive any of the above mentioned spiritual gifts, which they choose to use to manipulate circumstances, narratives and other people: sooner or later, there are always consequences when you have the opportunity to do good and instead you choose to do harm in the name of power, fame or money.

2. You understand how to better serve humanity

Every gift that you unlock gives you another piece of the puzzle that reveals to you how you can better serve humanity.

Spirituality shows us new depths to life and new depths to ourselves. It also guides us back into our soul’s purpose — why we came on Earth in the first place.

Yes, we’re here to enjoy life and celebrate the little things, but we’re also here to leave something behind: our imprint on the current matrix.

The world we live in today is very dark in its energy and its structure, which is more or less designed in a way that encourages us to self-destruct our own potential in the long run. Why is it so?

If we all remembered how powerful and wise we are, we would never be willingly part of such an oppressive system. And so, the system is doing its best to keep us in a state of oblivion where we give away our power, our gifts, our knowledge, our secrets, our trust, our faith.

You might say that we’ve got plenty of freedom and while that may be true, especially compared to some of the destructive war times that our ancestors experienced, the real war today is happening in our minds.

We are all prisoners to invisible mental structures that are continuously reinforced to keep us in a state of fear. If you’re in a state of fear, you’re still living in survival mode. If you’re in survival mode, you’re not comfortable enough in your own skin to show your true colours and make the most of your abilities.

If you’re not being your most authentic self, but a version of yourself that reduces your self-expression in order to comply with the rules and regulations of today’s society in order to “fit in”, you’re not really living as your true self, but as a version that the system requires of you, so that you can play your part to sustain it.

But the system is crumbling and there’s no denying it anymore.

More and more people remember who they are every single day.

Even if you try to forget, once your eyes open to the truth — even if it’s not the whole truth, you cannot un-see it and go back. The seeds of doubt, once planted in your psyche, can only sprout to conclusions that deliver clarity and calm so long as you continue to surrender to your awakening.

Let your Ego take a break and allow your Soul to lead the way, you’ve got a whole soul mission to complete and possibly millions of people to help simply with your presence on planet Earth!

3. You feel a deep sense of peace with where you are in life

The more you understand the journey of your soul, the more you feel connected to the present moment.

Every experience that you’ve gone through becomes a lesson that helps you see that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in life.

A relationship that caused you heartbreak is suddenly the training ground for any future connections that may lead to the same heartbreak if you allow people to once again disrespect your boundaries or lower your sense of self-worth.

Have you learned your lessons, or are you willing to repeat them again, simply because you enjoy the pain and confusion so much?

Do you believe that you deserve to be happy and loved just as you are?

Are you doubting a reality in which you are appreciated and treasured without having to do anything special to gain recognition from your loved ones?

A spiritual awakening expands your consciousness, so that you can view life from a higher perspective and detach from the confines of your “life story” so far.

When you are able to allow things to happen, you begin to co-create your experiences with the Universe. In doing so, the “life story” that used to happen TO YOU is now happening FOR YOU, WITH YOU, and THROUGH YOU. But most of all, you are no longer defined by your life story — your life story is defined by you and everything that you carry within!

The simple realisation that the present moment is where all creation happens is enough for calm to replace worry.

You are free from the guilt that you could have done more or better (that’s all in the past now), liberated from the anxieties that tomorrow might be worse (that’s in the future, no one knows what the future might bring).

And when there’s only one timeline — that of the present moment — to belong to, the only thing that remains is to breathe in and breathe out, and wait for the next step to reveal itself when it’s time.

4. You become the hero or heroine of your story

A spiritual awakening reveals to you the kind of strength and resilience that you’re truly capable of.

You start to look at your experiences not through the victim lens of “I can’t believe ALL of that HAPPENED TO ME” but rather through the hero lens of “WOW I really did manage TO OVERCOME ALL challenges that came my way”.

You are once again reminded that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR YOU and for your SELF-GROWTH!

The more you choose to invest time and energy into your self-growth, the more you unlock hidden depths and higher perspectives, which help you become a more balanced version of yourself every single day.

When you approach your set of skills, thoughts, feelings and actions with accountability, you begin to understand how much control you have over your own expression.

To take accountability for your own self-expression is the beginning of self-mastery!

Once you view yourself as the Creator of your life, as the Initiator, as the Collaborator, a new world of possibilities open up before you.

Much like the Hero’s Journey, you go through a 3-step process when you are ready to accept the call to your soul’s purpose:

  • The departure of your old life (The Surrender): you let go of habits, routines and connections that made sense for your “past” self, a self that was ruled by the Ego, a self that no longer exists as you’re making the transition to let your Soul lead the way.
  • The initiation into your new life (The Metamorphosis): you pick up new knowledge, habits and instructions that will help you get ready for the new life that’s going to be unlike anything you’ve experienced so far. The metamorphosis stage is confusing, full of conflicting thoughts and feelings, packed with inner child healing and shadow work, but it is also a period of peace, renewed hope, clarity and unconditional love.
  • The return to a new world (The Arrival): you come back to the reality that you left – but neither the reality’s the same, nor you! Now that you’ve mastered life lessons that cover anything from relationships, time management and following one’s intuition, you are ready to step into your true purpose and encourage others to do the same.

The Hero’s Journey is not just a metaphor for the storytelling formula used in filmmaking. It’s also a metaphor for one’s spiritual awakening journey!

5. You can’t wait to start collaborating with others

The process of spiritual awakening happens to elevate your sense of Self and remind you of the interconnectedness we are all here to experience.

After you’ve spiritually awoken, you understand two concepts with more clarity than ever before:

  1. Interconnectedness: You are never truly alone for all of our souls are connected, even if we cannot see the connections in the physical world.
  2. Independence: You are so much more capable on your own than you could ever truly realise precisely because so much of our potential is hidden deep within us and simply waiting for us to patiently do the introspection (inner work) in order to unlock it.

It is the independent spirit that allows you to align with your most authentic self and show the world, including yourself, what you’re really capable of creating and dreaming into being.

It is the interconnectedness of all living beings that envelops you in a new kind of community that opens your eyes to the truth that not only we are all the same, but that the entire world is your home when you’ve aligned with your soul purpose, finally feeling ready to implement what you came here to do and be.

What do I mean by saying that “the entire world is your home”? That words like “abroad” and “foreigner” are made to make us feel excluded and divided and they have come to exist because of fear – the fear of losing one’s identity or sense of belonging in the physical world.

But here’s the thing: all material things in the world are merely transient possessions, they do not define us or add more value to us, they are here to serve us and enhance our reality, that’s all.

Our true essence comes from within, from our Soul, and that essence can never be lost or wiped away. Sure, you can forget about it, be distracted, and submit to someone else’s will for a while, but your Soul can never be taken away — it’s yours as much as every breath you breathe in and breathe out in order to exist on Earth, only your Soul will travel with you even after you’ve departed Earth — that’s how much it is yours and cannot be taken away.

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