5 Signs You’re Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

The story of becoming the Soul living a human experience

STELLA YANN | Lightworker
5 min readApr 23, 2023
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Going through a spiritual awakening is like birthing a new version of yourself — the most authentic version.

After a spiritual awakening, all the masks you’ve been wearing throughout your life will fall off.

Any protective tendencies that you’ve used to support yourself, such as people-pleasing and dimming your light, will no longer be possible once you’ve made the switch to align with your soul’s purpose.

That’s the thing about a spiritual awakening: it happens so that we finally make the transition from living in survival mode to entering a reality that is abundant, joyful and peaceful, because it allows us to be truly ourselves.

A spiritual awakening can be triggered when you decide that you want to live healthier or follow your dreams, but it can also be triggered by your soul if you’ve got an important purpose in life.

In other words, sometimes you choose to follow the spiritual path and other times the spiritual path chooses you.

Here are 5 signs that you’re going through a spiritual awakening.

1. You stopped drinking alcohol.

The first sign that you’re going through a spiritual awakening or about to go through one is that you are repelled by alcohol.

Your body starts to reject anything that is unhealthy for the transition that will start happening almost on a cellular level.

When you go through a spiritual awakening, you are changing your entire operational system, including your body, mind, heart and soul.

Alcohol lowers the body’s defence system. It messes with your internal balance and disrupts your energy flow, which makes it difficult for your organism to leave the survival mode — since by consuming alcohol you’re attacking it from within!

And because your self-defence mechanisms are lowered when you’re drinking, you’re more likely to be attacked externally too. I’m not talking about physical attacks, but making bonds with energetic leeches and parasites (for example, humans who are stuck in repetitive loops of victim mindset, which includes gossip, drama, small talk, complaining, etc).

2. You’re eating (much) healthier.

A spiritual awakening doesn’t only put a stop to negative habits, such as drinking (excessively), but it improves your patterns where there’s room for growth and improvement.

Your diet is essentially the fuel for your body.

If you’re eating processed food, fast food or anything that isn’t providing enough nutrients, your body will slowly but surely start to reject it — or you will start to feel really bad after consuming it, which will eventually stop you from mindlessly eating whatever happens to be in front of you.

During a spiritual awakening, you’ll discover that you’re attracted to a diet packed with fruits and vegetables more than ever before.

3. You’re drawn to particular resources.

When you’re going through a big spiritual shift, your intuition will be heightened, which means that you will be drawn to particular resources out of the blue.

Your attention might be pulled towards books, podcasts, movies, shows, places, people, courses and purchases that give you information that might not initially make much sense, but over time you will start to put the puzzle pieces together.

The purpose of a spiritual awakening is to learn to experience life as an adventure where every day is an opportunity to not only grow into a better version of yourself, but to also remain a curious, happy explorer.

4. You’re investing in your spiritual growth.

After the process of spiritual awakening has kicked in, you will inevitably begin to invest in your spiritual growth with more intention.

This will include time spent in meditation or nature, listening to frequency tunes or sound baths, doing yoga or breathing exercises.

Your spiritual journey might even include being attracted to ancient knowledge, such as tarot or oracle cards, reading runes, revisiting old languages (e.g. Greek, Hebrew, Latin), researching philosophy and psychology, learning more about the different religions of the world.

Remember that you’re not alone in this journey, even if no one around is able to understand what you’re going through. Treasure the little moments and honour your progress every step of the way, that’s what makes a spiritual awakening such a significant period in one’s lifetime!

5. You’re healing (deep) emotional wounds.

Sooner or later, a spiritual awakening will lead you down the path of healing your emotional wounds through inner child healing and shadow work.

Inner child healing is the examination of your own childhood, which includes the beliefs and wounds you’ve been carrying with you that you have never truly taken the time to analyse, forgive and integrate as part of your human experience.

Shadow work is the process of diving deep into your own actions and how you’ve impacted others through your intentions, words and beliefs. Doing shadow work helps us understand the part we’ve played in our own suffering and the suffering of others. This is the area of the spiritual awakening where you truly face “shame” and “guilt” and redefine what they mean to you.

While the inner child work helps us to free ourselves from the pain accumulated through any emotional neglect we experienced from our caregivers, the shadow work allows us to step into the hero or heroine position where we reclaim our power and understand that every experience on Earth is just that — a learning experience.

Finally… you embrace unconditional love! ❤️

To feel ashamed or guilty about being yourself is to reject yourself.

Many people live in a state of dissociation because our society is based on conditional programming and conditional love. This means that our parents (their parents, the parents that came before them, and so on….) raised us with these conditional beliefs.

We continue to carry these conditional beliefs into raising new children until enough people have awoken to a new way of living and being — that of unconditional love.

What’s the purpose of unconditional love? Ultimately, to create a world that is not based on conformity and fitting in, but a world that celebrates individuality as part of a collective experience.

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